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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Kardashian Letter

Okay. Post number 3, and this is where I lose all credibility. I am going to devote this entire piece to that pompous little letter that has annoyed me since early childhood in the word "façade." What I once referred to as "the dangler" actually has a name, and is a more common enemy than I suspected.

Throughout history, this vermin has successfully leeched onto other unknowing letters in addition to just the 'c' in facade. Originating in 16th Century Spain, its initial conquest began with the the innocent letter 'z' ("zeta" nowadays but previously "ceda"). Following this quick victory, it was from these virgin ashes that the vile letter-creature spawned its name, "The Cedilla." Taking on the appearance of the drunken mark of Zorro and free from the laws of traditional phonics, it's no wonder that The Cedilla strikes fear in any character it faces. Since then, 24 different letters/characters of languages all over the world have been infected and even Microsoft Office AutoCorrect will place The Cedilla in its 'rightful' place.

It must be stopped. And, it must be stopped now. As an individual that has grown up in the United States, I have experienced the pains of not being on the Metric system and the fractional residue that the Standard system creates. I have studied and practiced architecture only to find The Cedilla creeping into my language there. I have lived in Barcelona to hear the crippling effects within the Catalan dialect. What can be done to stop the spread? I can only imagine the sheer panic if it did manage to tunnel into the numeric system. Everyone would be forced to take Çąļçųļųş and EVERYTHING would have remainders. I just can't take it, nor think about it any longer. Please, please, please write to your local congressman, senators, and/or crossing guards before it's too late!


  1. I am now penning franticly to my Congressmen I have alerted the Border Patrol- I am all ready on the crack-pot list so what have I got to loose?

  2. It's almost worse when you have a strong aversion to something, yet everyone else doesn't really understand, "what the big deal is." But you did a great job in this post showing the reader more about yourself while still evolving the topic.

  3. Ha. Thank you @Monica for the comments. You're spot on about my attempt to really get the feel for what I'm doing here, along with cluing in the reader on my personality (and a little of my sarcasm). Baby steps, right? :)