This is my first shot at playing with a blog. Bear with me as I stumble through this!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Breaking the Ice

Starting off with a less than perfect post just to get my feet wet.  I wonder how difficult the first entry is for most people.  Depending on the subject, it’s really just your own naked thoughts being thrown out to the masses… perhaps.  That is, if anybody is listening.  But, to craft that perfect title for the Blog, or even the Blog Post can be a daunting task.  I know I’ve thought about what the title of my Blog (if I were to ever create one) would be from time to time.  And, I’m pretty sure that I had a few great ideas, but without the brilliant content for this pesky first post nothing materialized and the titles have escaped me.  So here I be.  Day 1.  Maybe there will be a Day 2 in the near future… but the last thing that I would want is to do is drive traffic to a less than perfect Blog with a bland title.  I’m pretty sure that would kill my fan base.  Perhaps I’ll just rename it Mediocre Meanderings so that I set the expectations bar really low and people can mentally prepare themselves for a bumpy ride.  Man, I can’t imagine how smooth of sailing it would be for those people that have the perfect Blog name from the get-go…


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